Area "Joe – Andreas Joerißen". The picture shows Andreas Joerißen with a sculpture in interaction.
Andreas Joerißen



Andreas Joerißen


• Born in 1965 as the fifth of six children in Breberen (NRW)


First figures already made as a child in father's workshop


• Married to Nuran Joerißen since 2000 




1981/83: apprenticeship as joiner (graduation HWK Aachen) (First creative work with furniture elements)


• 1998: Further qualification in the field of furniture design at HWK Wuppertal - electronics department (graduation HWK Wuppertal)


1999First designs and wooden sculptures are created from the wood of fruit trees picked up in the surrounding area


• Art academy Gut Rosenberg near Aachen - since then continuous work on wooden sculptures


2004/07: Training as a systemic family therapist. Member of the DGSF Cologne

The psyche of man now also plays an important role in his work on the sculptures. 

This is followed by the founding of the first studio.


2009: Origin of project "After Dinner"


2010: Beginning of  sculptures series "Shamans


2011: Participation by art tour HeinsbergCollaboration with artist's studio Brachelen


2012: Own studio in Gillrath near Geilenkirchen (NRW)


2012: Exhibition Gallery Kunstmühle Düsseldorf


 2012: Exhibition Gallery G. Röcken Duisburg


2013: Exhibition Langen & Langen Aachen


2013: Exhibition Kunstverein Canthe Hückelhoven


2014: Start Urban Art "Blue Child" in Brussels, Cologne, Duisburg, Aachen, Erkelenz, Wuppertal, Mönchengladbach, Essen, etc.


2014: Exhibition Gillrath, Chante-Ratheim


2016: A joint exhibition with the artist Dieter Schneller from Duisburg (Painter) in the old City Hall of Hückelhoven


2016Presentation of the sculpture "Bird Courier" – a homage to Hieronymus Bosch in Begas House Museum for Art and Regional Hystorie Heinsberg


2016: Urban Art "Blue Ship", Cologne , Heinsberg, Dangast (Friesland)


2017: Exhibition Poebel Aachen


2017: Single Exhiobition in Begas House Museum for Art and Regional Hystorie Heinsberg


2018: Exhibition Bergfried of the City of Wassenberg


• 2019: Exhibition in Landsberg


• 2019: Urban Art Promotion in Lansberg am Lech


• 2019: Exhibition in Landsberg at artists' village "Dangast am Jadebusen"